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Kanel Brothers was started in 1924 by Herman and William Kanel in North Canton, Ohio, and the company is still sited in the original location and building. Initially they produced stage curtains with custom painted artwork of buildings, trees, and rural scenes of the area. Local ministers who admired their paintings were soon requesting religious artwork for their paraments, and thus was born the Kanel Brother Paraments.

Church Supplies SINCE 1924

In the early 1940's the religious symbols were silk screened onto the parament fabric with an embroidery outline. In the late 1940's the symbols were completely embroidered onto the fabric.

Custom Paraments

Also in the late 1940's Herman designed a new brocade fabric specifically for use in Kanel Brothers Paraments that is called the Crown Pattern. This pattern quickly became the most popular fabric for paraments. Currently Tom Kanel runs the business and the company now produces custom made paraments with more than 300 embroidered symbols from which to choose.

Fabric Choices

We have sold paraments to nearly all church denominations located in all fifty states. Our most popular brocade fabric is still the Crown Pattern, while Monks Weave is the most popular plain fabric. These fabrics come in a number of colors that correspond to different seasons in the Church calendar. You may pick the parament fabric, the desired symbols, the fabric color, and the measurements to fit you unique need, and we will custom make your paraments.

Blue is used for Advent and signifies heaven, truth, faithfulness, wisdom, and charity.
Black is used for Funerals and signifies mourning and death of the Lord.
Gold is used for Easter, and signifies virtue, the Glory of God, and Christian might.
Red is used for Pentecost and Church Dedication and signifies love, fervor, holy zeal, and the Holy Ghost.
is used for the 3rd Sunday of Advent and the 4th Sunday of Lent and signifies expectancy of something great to happen, Messianic Hope and love.
is used for Advent and Lent and signifies penitence, preparation, mourning, humiliation and the passion.
Green is used for the Trinity Season and symbolizes growth, life, hope, fidelity, and immortality.
is used for Christmas, Easter, Annunciation, and the Epiphany and symbolizes light, purity, innocence and joy.

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